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In western cultures, white wedding gown is an essential – strictly connected to the western wedding traditions. In fact, wearing white expanded further than just a color choice. It symbolizes the bride’s purity and innocence.

Not everyone uphold this tradition of course, and many too have their own beloved wedding customs. “Because sometimes, a white dress can’t replace centuries of wedding traditions and bridal looks,” – Williamson, 2016.


#1 Korean Wedding

Korean Wedding

Image Courtesy of My Wedding Design House.


Hanbok, Korean traditional bridal gown come in many colors and designs, and often include hand-made embroidery on the sleeves and collar.

Though Korean brides now are known to wear western white wedding gowns, some choose to combine tradition with modernity by using unusual materials such as chiffon, in lighter colors and worn with veil.


#2 Vietnam Wedding

Vietnam Wedding

Image Courtesy of Ngoisao.net.


Vietnamese long dress, ao dai is a long-sleeved tunic with ankle-length panels at front and back, usually over loose trousers. The traditional version is in red or pink color. Although some wear whatever colors they want, red is always included in part of their dresses.

Instead of veil, the Vietnamese bride will wear Khan Dong, a very elaborate headdress.


#3 Scottish Wedding

Scottish Wedding

Image Courtesy of Alis Fashion Design & Green Wedding Shoes.


To value the Scottish heritage, today’s Scottish brides usually wear a long, white wedding dress and a piece of tartan covering somewhere of the dress.

One of the prettiest styles is to wear a tartan corset over the white wedding gown. In similar fashion, some Scottish brides wear tartan capes or tartan trains attached to the shoulders of their white gowns. Your day, your style.


#4 Ghanaian Wedding

Ghanaian Wedding

Image Courtesy of Maxwell Jennings.


Weddings in Ghanaian cultures are often very colourful. Normally, each family has its own cloth pattern.

The cut of the dresses give brides the most feminine of curves and the vibrant patterns showcase the unique beauty of Ghanaian weddings. Love the idea of incorporating groom’s colors into bride’s dress.


#5 Norwegian Wedding

Norwegian Wedding

Image Courtesy of Norwegian Wedding Magazine.


Norwegian weddings today look typical – white wedding gown and black tuxedo. Of course, there are still brides choose to wear their traditional wedding costumes, bunads together with gold or silver crown.

Dangling around the crown will be small spoon-shaped bangles, which will produce a melodic tinkling music when the bride moves her head.



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