Bumblebee Baby Shower Ideas for “Mummy to Bee”


Need a theme for your incoming baby shower party? Well, the brightful Bumblebee is always an adorable theme for every “mummy to bee”.

Holding a party with a warm inviting yellow like this and incorporate more greenery as well, you are going to have some serious fun.

Bumblebee Baby Shower Ideas
Image Courtesy of Food Network.

This beehive-shaped cake is showing us that a baby shower party can have just as much style as anyone’s bash!

With whimsical bumblebees swarming around the cake, now if this isn’t the cutest cake ever, I don’t know what is. Check out the recipe now: Beehive Cake!

Bumblebee Baby Shower Ideas

Looking for an inexpensive way to decorate? Honeycomb lanterns or pom pom flowers with alternating black and yellow colors will be the perfect backdrop for this Bumblebee themed baby shower.

Fresh flowers are always a great decorations for parties. Did we tell you that yellow sunflowers and white daisies suit this theme well?

Bumblebee Baby Shower Ideas
Image Courtesy of Australian Favors.

If you are looking for party favors that suit the theme, we got you covered!

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