Heart Shaped Tea Infuser Kitchen Tea Bridal Shower Favour
It's time to marry the love of your life, so do it in style with our Heart Shaped Tea Infuser. Give this ageless beauty to your guests at your celebration and you're guaranteed an impactful presence throughout their day. Every...
Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons Love beyond Measure Bridal Wedding Favour
From cookies-and-cream to strawberry shortcake, these adorable heart-shaped measuring spoons are perfect for any sort of baking project and the best part is they actually do measure things. Our heart-shaped measuring spoons measure up with 1/2 teaspoon, 1 teaspoon, 1...
Whisked Away Mini Whisk in Elegant White Gift Box Wedding Bridal Shower Favours
Add a touch of romance with this whimsical and playful mini whisk! With one of these elegant whisks in your kitchen, you’ll be able to stir up some magic for all of your exquisite concoctions. Your friends will share their...
Chrome Leaf Butter Spreader Elegant Wedding Bridal Shower Favour
Spread the love this wedding season with an elegant favour for your guests! Chrome Leaf is a spreader that represents sophistication and elegance with its tempered chaser that has been polished to perfection. Gift presentation includes clear display laser-cut gift...
Love Bottle Opener Silver Wedding Bridal Shower Favour
Sure, it's an untouched phrase that everyone has heard before. But have you ever uttered the word 'love' in cursive by opening a bottle of champagne or enjoying your favourite craft beer?It doesn't take much to sell the way this...
Sweet Jane Decorative Border Personalised Wedding Bridal Shower Favour Thank You Tag & Sticker
Personalise your wedding bomboniere or party favours with thank you gift tags lovingly designed by Australian Favors. They are a great idea for a DIY wedding where you can tag them to personalise your wedding favors, baby shower favours or...
Minimalistic Wedding Bridal Shower Party Bomboniere Round Sticker Label
Personalise your wedding bomboniere or party favours with thank you favour stickers lovingly designed by Australian Favors. They are a great idea for a DIY wedding where you can tag them to personalise your wedding favours, baby shower favours or bridal shower favours. They make your favours...
Lady Pink Kitchen Tea & Bridal Shower Square Thank You Favour Sticker & Tag
These sweet looking favour thank you labels suit favours for weddings, bridal shower, kitchen tea, or birthday parties. Attach them onto your favours, or bomboniere boxes to give away to your wedding or party guests! Texts & colours customizable for...
Damask Bridal Shower Party Customized Round Thank You Favour Sticker
These gorgeous Damask Bridal Shower Round Favour Stickers are perfect to stick onto favour boxes, favour bags, or lollipops for a most beautiful bridal shower, wedding or even baby shower or baby parties. Texts customizable for free. If you're after...
Vintage Floral Wedding Bridal Shower Personalised Envelope Seal
Featuring stunning Vintage Floral Bridal Shower Personalised Envelope Seal. This gorgeous design will suit to your bridal shower, wedding, or party theme. Text customizable for free. If you're after another colour, we certainly are able to design them in your...
Lady Pink Bridal Shower Kitchen Tea Thank You Favour Tag & Sticker
These sweet looking favour thank you tags suit favours for weddings, bridal shower, kitchen tea, or birthday parties. Tie or stick them onto your favours or bomboniere to give away to your wedding or party guests! Texts & colours customizable...
Elegant Black Laces Customized Wedding Bridal Shower Thank You Bomboniere Tag & Sticker
For wedding couples looking to give their wedding guests something unique by which to remember the happy occasion, our personalised Wedding Tag / Sticker in the Black Lacey Flowers On Left design is a terrific way to say thank you...

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Looking for kitchen tea or bridal shower ideas? Australian Favors stocks an impressive variety of supplies that is sure to inspire you. Whether you want to construct a party atmosphere or plan a low-key event, we have options that will result in the perfect celebration.


When Should You Have Your Bridal Shower? 

1. Remember that timing is everything

Try to choose a date that best accommodates the bride, the bridal party, and as many guests as possible. The key is planning early-especially when dealing with long-distance guests who need to make travel arrangements.


2. Don't plan it for too early or too late

Although a bridal shower can take place any time before the wedding, try not to throw it more than three months in advance or less than three weeks before the wedding.

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