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Whether you want to impress your guests with a simple, understated design or stun them with a sophisticated one, our range contains classy and streamlined designs that are perfect for any wedding theme, making us your top choice for wedding invitations online in Australia. If you’re planning an extravagant affair with live performances and fireworks, ensure your invitations reflect this by choosing an option featuring an equally outlandish style. No matter what theme you choose for your wedding day, our gorgeous and affordable options will give the right impression and hype your guests up for the excitement to come.

At Australian Favors, nothing gives us more joy than to see your event turn into a smashing success. That’s why we’ve done the hard work, sourcing all the supplies you’ll need to ensure a picture-perfect occasion.

How do you seal a wedding envelope?

1. Paint Brush, Water & Water Soluble Adhesive

Use a paintbrush, water, and a dab of water-soluble adhesive to seal those flaps. The paintbrush holds more water so you are not constantly dipping and the extra dash of adhesive adds sealing security. Be sure to use just enough water to moisten the glue, however. If you go overboard you may get wrinkled flaps.


2. Clear Glue Sticks

Forget the moisten and stick glue on the flap, just use your own glue! Clear glue sticks and zip dry paper glue work well for this. Again, be sure to use just enough to seal the envelope

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